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 Tragedy of a Pony [Part 4: A Dreamless Mirage]

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Tragedy of a Pony [Part 4: A Dreamless Mirage] Empty
PostSubject: Tragedy of a Pony [Part 4: A Dreamless Mirage]   Tragedy of a Pony [Part 4: A Dreamless Mirage] EmptyTue May 21, 2013 9:06 pm

Tragedy of a Pony [Part 4: A Dreamless Mirage] 9icq9u
NOTE: This is just a rough thing of her flowing mane, her true one for this is much better.

The night had fallen silent as the so called alicorn, Tuli Fioritura, walked among the streets of Ponyville alone. She had to go for a walk to calm down. She sighed as she neared the middle of the town, and put her hoof to a nearby wall of the Town Hall. Taking it off, she sat down, her eyes clouded in pain. How did this happen? Silently, she started quietly 'singing' words. What a lovely night it is To walk a moonlit field, To see the softer shades That are by starlight now revealed. So why is it that now, When all is quiet and at rest. When candles glow and all the world, Is at its very best. The royals of Equestria, can they help me find the cure? For this mistake or truth on which I cannot, endure. Am I so wrong to wish that they, would see things like I do? And am I so wrong to thing, that they might help me too? Why do they seem to hate me, is this supposed to be a fight? She stopped at that. Was it supposed to be a fight? She looked down at her hooves and she paid no heed to the pony coming.

*Note: The following part of the pony's entrance was written by Lunar Eclipse

An interesting pony to come forth to this "alicorn." The pony who can sense dreams and send winter throughout the world. Winter Dream. Strangely, for it being real, she seems quite different. A flowing mane of blue, sparkles of snow and dreams, a wonderful blue cape of majesty. In this way, you can say that what was happening to her was a mirage for this is what the alicorn of winter and dreams looked like at her height point of aging. Looking towards the sense of music, she wondered of what sort of pony would be out so late at night.

*Note: Lunar's part of writing is now finished.

Looking down, all she thought about was if somepony would know the cure. As she let her 'wings' spread out around her, she thought that they may just be part of her now. But, what she had said, was true. Why did they seem to hate her? She hadn't done nothing wrong to deserve this, but yet it happened. Hiding her face in her hooves, she hoped nopony would be around.

T U L I  L I T H
Tragedy of a Pony [Part 4: A Dreamless Mirage] 2qxvrc6Tragedy of a Pony [Part 4: A Dreamless Mirage] 331klya
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Tragedy of a Pony [Part 4: A Dreamless Mirage]
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