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 Tragedy of a Pony [Part 3: The Illusion]

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Tragedy of a Pony [Part 3: The Illusion]  Empty
PostSubject: Tragedy of a Pony [Part 3: The Illusion]    Tragedy of a Pony [Part 3: The Illusion]  EmptyMon May 20, 2013 8:09 pm

Tragedy of a Pony [Part 3: The Illusion]  Eun5u9
NOTE: This was done quickly, and I didn't have enough colors. Her mane is supposed to represent her being the 'Princess' of Gardening.

"Tuli! How did you do that?" Avan asked, looking at the mare with curiosity. "What do you mean?" She asked. She didn't feel different, except she felt her magic was stronger. Avan looked at her, confused. "How did you not notice, Tuli?" The mare looked puzzled. "What is different abou-" She gasped as she looked in a nearby mirror. She was an alicorn! But not just any... an alicorn with a special mane, like the ones Celestia and Luna had! Taking a step back, she was thrown off guard. Blinking her eyes, she couldn't believe it. How did this happen? She knew this was for real, not a dream. Was it an illusion? Was she really an alicorn? Who could tell? Opening her wings, she flexed them. They were real, but what explains her mane?

T U L I  L I T H
Tragedy of a Pony [Part 3: The Illusion]  2qxvrc6Tragedy of a Pony [Part 3: The Illusion]  331klya
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Tragedy of a Pony [Part 3: The Illusion]
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