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 .:Fairy Pony - Starlight Orchid:.

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.:Fairy Pony - Starlight Orchid:. Empty
PostSubject: .:Fairy Pony - Starlight Orchid:.   .:Fairy Pony - Starlight Orchid:. EmptySun May 05, 2013 12:31 pm

.:Fairy Pony - Starlight Orchid:. Z4fL0Y2

Name: Starlight Orchid (Nickname - Orchid)

Gender: Mare

Age: 13

Race: Fairy Pony

Coat: Orchid

Mane: Pink Rose

Magic Color: Pink like Trixie's (Fairy Ponies can use magic with a gem on their forehead which isn't currently visible on Orchid. cx)

Eye color: Blue

Cutie Mark (Picture will work): Fairy Ponies don't have cutie marks.

How did your pony get their cutie mark: N/A

Personality: Orchid is a playful, fun-loving fairy. She tends to be around Avan too often since she's... in his royal court of fairies. Unlike many, Orchid tends to be a little non-serious with tending to the flowers. She believes that the flowers and nature can grow themselves, the fairies are there just to help a little bit. Most of the time, she's like Pinkie Pie - Hyper, energetic, playful, etc. Other times, the fairy's too serious and a rebel. Despite being in Avan's royal court, she likes to disobey orders every now and then just to tease him, she does them later.

Job (If they have one): Head of Avan's royal court.

History: Living in Avan's garden, born to the head of the royal court, and expected to be the most obedient fairy there is, Orchid grew up quite strictly. After her parents died when she was 12, the fairy liked to leave so often and explore the world. A year later, after getting ready for another trip, she saw Avan leaving to Ponyville. Quietly following him, she wondered why he was heading there...
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.:Fairy Pony - Starlight Orchid:. Empty
PostSubject: Re: .:Fairy Pony - Starlight Orchid:.   .:Fairy Pony - Starlight Orchid:. EmptySun May 05, 2013 1:12 pm


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.:Fairy Pony - Starlight Orchid:. 2qxvrc6.:Fairy Pony - Starlight Orchid:. 331klya
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.:Fairy Pony - Starlight Orchid:.
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