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 Tragedy of a Pony [Part 1: The Immortal]

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Tragedy of a Pony [Part 1: The Immortal] Empty
PostSubject: Tragedy of a Pony [Part 1: The Immortal]   Tragedy of a Pony [Part 1: The Immortal] EmptyFri May 17, 2013 11:38 pm

Tragedy of a Pony [Part 1: The Immortal] B9fz44

"No, Tuli! No!" Avan shouted as he leaped to catch Tuli Fioritura in his hooves. Something had hit her, hard. But, the prince didn't dare try and find it. He wanted to help the beautiful mare before him first. "Are you alright?" He asked, his eyes were clouded with pain. She didn't answer, but just merely let out a sigh. "Tuli, you can't leave me..." Avan whispered, tears started flowing. But, Tuli put her hoof on his cheek. Avan knew what he had to do. As his horn lit up, an aura formed around Tuli, as he had been working hard on an immortality spell, just for her. As it finished, Tuli's eyes flashed open, a smile on her face. She wrapped her arms around the prince, and Avan was just as happy. "I will always be here for you." Tuli whispered, her tone matching her strength. Avan who was just ready to burst with delight, unwrapped his arms around the mare. "We should go inside. I don't want you to be so close to leaving me again." Avan said to her, before entering the house; Tuli at his side.

T U L I  L I T H
Tragedy of a Pony [Part 1: The Immortal] 2qxvrc6Tragedy of a Pony [Part 1: The Immortal] 331klya
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Tragedy of a Pony [Part 1: The Immortal]
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