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 Tragedy of a Pony [Part 2: The Nightmare]

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Tragedy of a Pony [Part 2: The Nightmare] Empty
PostSubject: Tragedy of a Pony [Part 2: The Nightmare]   Tragedy of a Pony [Part 2: The Nightmare] EmptySun May 19, 2013 8:01 pm

Tragedy of a Pony [Part 2: The Nightmare] Ngvnzr

Three days had past since Tuli Fioritura had grown immortal. Nothing had changed for her, not yet. That curse would soon come true within due time. The moon; now risen by none other then Princess Luna. It was time for her to sleep, but she couldn't. The mare sighed, and got into her bed. digging her muzzle in her pillow, it took Tuli a long time before sleep overcame her. But, this wasn't the good dream. She tossed and turned, in that horrid dream...

"Tuli Fioritura. You cannot stay with Prince Avan! He should not be with you, leave him, NOW!" The great princess, Princess Celestia, shouted angrily at the mare, her eyes were nothing but white as she was in the sky, looking down at her with anger. "But, Princess Celestia... Why? We were supposed to be together!" The mare cried out. "No, Princess Fioritura." Celestia snapped back.
Princess? Tuli asked herself. Looking to her side, she was an alicorn. She had wings, but, this was a dream. "No, Princess Celestia. I will stay with him!" She shouted, and her horn glowed as she struck the princess with her magic. The Sun Princess merely dodged it, and six ponies were behind her. The Elements of Harmony. "Yes, Princess Fioritura. You are to leave him. If not; you shalt be locked away into the clouds for 3,000 years." Celestia's voice struck with mere hatred to the mare. Taking a step back, Tuli spread her wings and burst to the sky. "Thou shalt not separate thee!" Her voice went booming over the courtyard, as she had surprisingly used the old equestrian tongue. Celestia had pure hatred in her eyes. "Yes, thy shall." Was the last words of the princess before Prince Avan was shown, to watch his love be cast away. All six elements gathered around the princess, three on each side of here. They all glowed brightly as they combined with Celestia's magic to cast her away among the clouds. Prince Avan's eyes widened in horror, as he tried to stop it, but the magic was to strong. He was thrown back, and watched as the newly named Princess was cast to the clouds. "NO!" The prince shrieked as Tuli Fioritura had been cast away, and her shape could be made out among the clouds.

Waking up, the mare was drenched in sweat, with blankets scattered everywhere. Looking around with horror, it wasn't morning yet. Good thing it was just a dream. But it struck like truth to the mare. "I hope this shall not happen..."

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Tragedy of a Pony [Part 2: The Nightmare] 2qxvrc6Tragedy of a Pony [Part 2: The Nightmare] 331klya
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Tragedy of a Pony [Part 2: The Nightmare]
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