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 Icee: Requests

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PostSubject: Icee: Requests   Icee: Requests EmptyTue Jul 09, 2013 10:00 pm

Hi~ I'm been drawing lately and have been lacking... inspiration. So, since my doodle imagination is shut down for the moment, I am free for requests!

There are a few things I must say before the template.

  1. I'd prefer it if you would only request one thing at a time. Meaning, if you requested a chibi pony, but also want a normal pony, you'll have to wait till I have posted the chibi.
  2. Only one of each until I say, please.
  3. If you want a drawing with 2 or more characters, please check with me before requesting. If I'm not online, and Badge is, then you can ask her to text me. If you have an iPod/iPhone/iPad that you can message me from yourself, then PM me for my e-mail.
  4. Be specific please? If it asks you to describe the "Pose" or "Eye Color" please don't say "You can decide" or "Blue". It makes it harder for me to start/finish the drawings how the way you want it if I don't know what you had in mind. Even if it is difficult for me/to describe, I would much prefer that to a simple answer I can't really rely on.
  5. Don't fill this topic up. If possible, let's just try and keep it to requests and drawings. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, PM/iMessage/E-mail me.

Yes, yes, it may be a bit tight on rules, but the drawings themselves can be as eccentric as you would like.
Here's a list of the different types of creatures/styles I'm willing to do as well as the templates. If you have any style requests, then please, don't be afraid to ask.

Note: Delete anything in, and brackets.

Normal Pony
(basically the style of ponies in FiM with my own twists)


Chibi Pony
(a chibified pony in my own style)


Chibi Humans
(your pony as a human! in chibi of course. still have to work on anatomy for normal anime style, but I can do chibis)


(from shoulders up in an anime style)


(what would your pony look like as a cat? find out!)



C H O C O L A T E  E X P L O S I O N
H O N E Y  S P A R K
C A F É  L A T T E
E A R T H  P O N Y
E A R T H  P O N Y

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Lunar Eclipse

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PostSubject: Re: Icee: Requests   Icee: Requests EmptyWed Jul 10, 2013 5:58 pm

Name: Winter Dream

Name On/Off: Off

Gender: Mare

Age: N/A

Race: Alicorn

Coat: Link

Mane and Tail: In my Avatar I guess. I don't have a very good reference of it...

Eye Color: In here

Cutie Mark: That would be up in "Coat"

Pose: This one please~

Background: N/A

Extras: The headband in "Eye Color" would just be it. Thank you Icee~ Chibi Pony for both Butterfly and me please. cx Sorry, completely forgot to state that.

EDIT: Sorry, forgot to say this too. I know what Butterfly wants because she's my younger sister if you don't know. I'm positive Badge and Kitty know, which is why we have the same IP. xc Sorry about this!

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Butterfly Bloom

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PostSubject: Re: Icee: Requests   Icee: Requests EmptyWed Jul 10, 2013 8:21 pm

Name: Butterfly Bloom
Name On/Off: On; Her Mane Color
Gender: Mare
Age: 8
Race: Pegasus
Coat: This is pretty much everything
Mane and Tail: Above ^
Eye Color: Above ^
Cutie Mark: None yet
Pose: The Twilight one?...
Background: Nothing.
Extras: Just what's in the picture I provided. Thank you very much!
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Novel Shine
Novel Shine

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PostSubject: Re: Icee: Requests   Icee: Requests EmptyFri Jul 12, 2013 4:24 pm

Name: Misty Fog
Name On/Off: (Color? Special font?) Off.
Gender: Mare
Age: 10
Race: (Unicorn, Earth, Pegasus, Crystal, Fairy, Bat, Changeling, Alicorn?) Pegasus
Coat: (Color? Length? Extra marks/colors?) Aqua Green, she has four dark Jade Green spots on the outside of each of her legs along with three under each eye. Half of her wings (Above those three bumps) are light grey
Mane and Tail: (Color? Length? Extras/colors?) Is a jade green that is a bit lighter than her spots on her body.
Eye Color: light grey
Cutie Mark: (Picture would be lovely) Doesn't have one.
Pose: IDC
Background: A dark forest
Extras: (Clothes, Items, Magic, Etc) N/A

I have a picture of her on my DA and I can also send a picture of her to you of you need it.

All Characters:

Icee: Requests A5j48y
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Icee: Requests Empty
PostSubject: Re: Icee: Requests   Icee: Requests Empty

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Icee: Requests
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