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 Versions of Songs

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PostSubject: Versions of Songs   Wed Jun 05, 2013 11:22 pm

Okay, so, in this topic we make our own version of MLP songs! I have one, but I am going to do a different one.

This Day Aria

This happens when Avan and Tuli's wedding goes wrong. Chrysalis is back! No, not her. But Crilypt. She had to get love, and she was attracted to the strength of Tuli and Avan's love for each other. The changeling tried her best to ignore it, but it was to much for her. She had to feed.

This day is going to be perfect,
A day that happened amung an amazing event.
Everypony will gather with nothing to hide
Say I am a very lucky bride

What they don't know is that I'm not her at all!

This day was going to be perfect,
A day I dreamed since I met the amazing groom.
But instead of going to celebrate
With my friends to share the cake,

My dear Avan may not see me after all.

I care not a thing about the ring
I won't partake in any cake!
Vows, well lies are all they are.
'That through any kind of weather;
I'll want us to be together'

The truth is that I don't care for them at all!
No, I do not love the groom.
For my heart, there can't be room!
But all I did was love
So he'll be mine!

Must escape before it's to late,
Find a way to save my Prince,
Hope, I'll be lying if I say:
'I don't fear that I may loose him.
To one who wants to use him,
Not keep company
And keep him dear each day!'

For I cherish the sweet groom,
In my heart, he does reside.

Oh, dear Prince Avan,
Please keep me in your mind!


Finally the moment has arrived!
To feed and harm a lucky bride.

Oh I fear I'm to late,
He will be marrying a fake!
My Prince Avan will be..

Mine. Only mine.

There ya go! Begin postig your versions!

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Versions of Songs
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