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 Tuli Fioritura - The Pain Settles

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PostSubject: Tuli Fioritura - The Pain Settles   Tuli Fioritura - The Pain Settles EmptyWed May 22, 2013 9:25 pm

NOTE: This is a version of The Moon Rises, a song that I do NOT own!

Now the nightmares come at last,
The dark, horrific light
Has come upon my bedside
And has bidden me, goodnight!

So what a lovely night it is,
To walk a moonlit field.
To see the softer shades,
That are by starlight now revealed.

Yet why is it that now,
When all is quiet and at rest.
When candles glow and all the world,
Is at it's very best.

The Royals of Equestria,
Will they help me find the cure?
For this mistake or truth
On which I can no longer endure.


Am I so wrong to wish that they,
Would see things, like I do?
And am I so wrong to think?
That they might help me to?

Why do they seem to hate me?
Is this supposed to be a fight?
I will not stand and bear pain!
This is not my truth found fight!

I've waited long enough now!
For them all to help me now,
And though I plead asking for guidance,
They still won't help me now!

But now they'll know the pain
On which now that I've lived through!
When all they hear is sadness
Of the cries I've asked them how,
So help me now at this,
My final pleading for help.

Tomorrow comes with sorrow.
My pain will end, right now!

There you have it! My version of The Moon Rises. I'm going to be singing it and posting a private link for everyone to listen.

T U L I  L I T H
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Tuli Fioritura - The Pain Settles
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