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 The Moon's Shadow

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“Luna? Where art thou, Luna?” A soft voice called out to the night as a young stallion made his way through the castle courtyard. Statues loomed around the allicorn prince as he snuck toward the moon-lit pond, a faint golden light coming from his horn tip. His eyes glimmered as he saw the outline of another pony, sitting at the edge of the pond. “Lu-Lu, there thou art!”

The dark blue body before him moved as it looked back at him. Luna’s body shone under the faint light that came from the stallion’s horn, her mane waved gently in an invisible breeze; the color of the night sky. An obsidian crown resting behide her horn as she ruffled her wings at her brother before slowly turning her head back to the pond with a soft sigh. “Shouldn’t thou be in bed, Sol? Thou will get sick in this moonlight.”

“How could thou expect thy to sleep after such an event happened? Thou had to see thy; even if thou had to fall sick again to do so.” Sol whispered as he moved next to his twin and laid down, his eyes fixed on the reflection of the moon in the pond; with the stars dancing around it. “Tia informed thy of Sombra’s fate-“

Luna’s head snapped around, her eyes blazing as she glared at her brother. “Do not even speak of those events; Sol, nor speak of Tia’s name! Thou doesn’t wish to remember what happened to thy’s beloved husband! I also do not want to think of thou’s older sister after she refused to help thy with Sombra before his fall.”

The sun prince ears went back as his sister snapped at him, before gently placing his nuzzle on her head, trying to calm her down. “Please calm down, dear Lu-Lu. Tia might not have made the right choice but she di-“

Luna’s horn lit up as she shoved her brother away from her, her wings flaring. “Tia! Thou said thy doesn’t wish to hear her name! She ignored thy’s cries for help and now thy’s husband and kingdom art gone!” With a hiss, Luna snapped her wings shut, turning her head away from her brother. “She is no better than the rest of thou’s subjects; paying no heed to the moon while basking in the sun-light…”

“Lu-Lu…She does care about thou! She is upset as anypony about Sombra’s fate!” Sol pleaded, before glazing at the night sky. “They truly love thou’s night, Lu-Lu. You must see that they do.” He frowned as he attempted to figure out what time it was before letting out a cough. “It is time to raise the sun; Lu-Lu. If thou can lower thy’s moon, Tia should be awaking soon.”

Silence came from the moon princess, her head down as thoughts raced though her mind. Finally, she raised her head and looked at her beloved moon, before whispering one single word. “No.”

Sol tilted his head, the light on his horn almost flickering out in shock. “’No?’ Dear Luna, what does thou mean? Thou can’t mean…”

Luna got to her hooves, her gaze never meeting his brothers. “No, Sol. Thy will not lower the moon. Ponies do not respect thy’s beautiful night. Thou must see that the ponies need to learn how wonderful thy night truly is…They shall live in a forever night, Sol! They must find love in thy’s night; I am tired of waiting for them to come around…”

The sun prince jumped to his hooves, his wings flaring. “Luna, what are thou saying? Thy subjects will not be able to survive a forever night! They need Tia’s sun!”

Luna spun around, her eyes blazing. “Why can’t they, Sol? Why must the sun over shadow thy’s night? Art thou saying that I can’t be loved, Sol? Why can’t they love me too?” The moon princess stomped her hoof, her horn started to glow as she gazed at the moon. The moon started to rise higher into the sky, instead of completing its path and setting.

Suddenly, something rammed into Luna, causing her to stop raising the moon and sending her into the pond. Sol stood at the edge of the water, his eyes narrowed and filled with sadness. “Lu-Lu…what has gotten into thou?” he whispered at the soaking mare as she sat up, her mane limp against her neck.

“The truth, Sol! Thy will never be loved unless I make them!” The princess shouted, tears brimming on the edge of her eyes as she stood up, her wings flaring. Her horn started to glow once again but this time not to raise the sun, but instead her crown, necklace, and shoes started to glow. They soon disappeared, but her horn kept on glowing “If thou will not let thy raise the moon by will…then thy shall do it by force.” Suddenly; a light blue helm appeared on Luna, along with a breast-plate and shoes. Her armor glimmered as she flapped her wings, taking into the sky and once again she started to raise the moon with every flap on her wings.

Finally, the moon was at the peak, and she stood laughing as she floated in front of it, her eyes shining. Soon everypony would see the wonder of her night sky! As she glanced down at her brother, she narrowed her eyes. He didn’t want her to loved; did he? He wanted all the glory for himself and Celestia. All along she thought that he was on her side, but that was a lie wasn't it? With a hiss, she gazed back at the moon. At least the moon wanted the same love that she wanted; together they would get the glory that should of been her! She took no heed of a black aura that surround her until she suddenly let out a gasp of pain, her wings almost failing to keep her afloat.

Sol watched Luna from the ground, until that was he noticed the black magic around his sister. With a gasp he took upward to the sky and his sister, but he knew he wouldn't make it in time; mostly as he was growing weak without the sunlight on his fur. He watched in horror as the dark magic started to wrap around Luna like a cocoon before it hid her from his sight. “Lu-Lu, hold on! Thou is comin-“ Suddenly, the cocoon suddenly exploded, sending a wave of dark energy throughout the sky and into the oncoming Sol. With a cry, he fell earth-bound, landing with a loud splash into the pond.

Sol resurfaced with a gasp, his gaze fixed toward the moon and the new figure that floated in front of the moon. He could faintly make out the outline of a large black alicorn mare; about the size of Celestia. She still wore the same armor as Luna; and Sol was sure that he even saw the same cutie mark as her. He slowly pulled himself out of the water, letting out a wheeze and an gasp. What had happened? What…What had happened to Luna? Was that truly Luna floating above the moon? He shook the water from his fur and feathers before slowly floating into the sky and toward the castle. Celestia had to be awoken and told of what had happened!

The new Luna let out a laugh as she watched her brother fly away. She felt new, powerful! She grinned as she flapping her pure black wings. She could see lights flicker on in the town below her as ponies came out and pointed toward her; no doubt whispering things. “Hello thy little ponies! Does thy recognize thy princess of the night?” Luna shouted to the ponies below; using her Canterlot Voice with a large smile. “However; thou is no longer Luna…No, thou shall be known by a new name; a more powerful name! From this moment on; thy shall be known as Nightmare Moon! Welcome to thou’s forever night; never will thou ponies see the sun again!” With a cold laugh; Luna flapped her wings as her horn started to glow as she sent out a wave of her magic; casting out every light in the town below her and sending the ponies’ world into darkness. These ponies would never see their sun again; she would be loved and she wouldn't let Sol nor Celestia stop her!

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The Moon's Shadow
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