Welcome to the world of Equestria! Years have past since the Elements of Harmony have saved the world, and now it is time for new ponies to walk these paths.
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 General Rules

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General Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules EmptySat Mar 02, 2013 10:34 pm

1. Admins have the right to tell you to stop and fix something. They are there to do that. That is part of their job.

2. If an admin tells you that you need to fix something, don't argue. If you do, you can get a punishment. But it depends on the topic.

3. No swearing. Some kids play this site (10+)

4. Be kind. Don't be rude to the new members.

5. No sexual harassment/talk. We don't need the youngsters picking up that stuff.

6. Don't say bad things about the site when you just joined. (Ex: Say that this is a bad site for no reason, you just joined.)

7. If you don't like My Little Pony, why are you even here? Don't join just to be mean to us Pony lovers.

8. Harassment, bullying, etc. is not allowed. It is unkind and can hurt others.

9. Make friends, not enemies. If you don't like someone, don't go bully them, just be polite.

10. Have fun. If your not enjoying the site, let an admin know and why. We can try and fix it.

11. Don't give out personal information. That means your real name, address, email, phone number, etc.

12. Admins will NEVER ask for your password. Report it if this happens.

13. Never share your log-in information. If you do, you may get banned. If people want to join, have them make their own account.

14. Sexual Content is STRICTLY forbidden on this site. If anything in this category is spotted, it is a no-chance ban.

15. If something is going on anywhere in the site that is forbidden, report it to an admin ASAP. Don't wait. Things like this need to be addressed.
More rules will be added as needed.
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General Rules
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