Welcome to the world of Equestria! Years have past since the Elements of Harmony have saved the world, and now it is time for new ponies to walk these paths.
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 Races of Equestria Info

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Unicorns are also known for their link and talent in the arcane. Having a horn; they are able to cast spells to help them with their daily lives. Most ponies can only be skilled at one or two fields of magic but few can be good at all fields of magic.

While they aren't the strongest or fastest race; they are the small brilliant. They are skilled at using their minds to get out of tough tasks. Most Unicorns are teachers, professors, or artists of some sort.

Pegasi are known for their love of the sky. Having wings they are able to live high up in the clouds above; even having the power to touch and move clouds. Caretakers of the skies; they mostly hold the jobs that involve weather, while some are known for their love of the fast lane and have jobs such as stunt ponies. Most well known group would be the Wonderbolt.

Pegasi are very fast, using their wings to move at amazing speeds. Trying to chase one down is a very hard task due to how they can move easy due to being so light weight due to their bones being almost hallow-like.

Earth Ponies:
Earth ponies make up the common class of ponies. Known for being good with the earth; life and plants, most Earth Ponies are farmers of some type or also being skilled bakers. Some are also builders due to Earth Ponies being better build and thus stronger then unicorns and Pegasi.

Bat Ponies:
Not much are known about Bat Ponies. Having disappeared about 1000 years ago from Equestria after the fall of Luna, they have only started to reappear in the last 10 years due to the return of Luna to the throne. They are adores of her night and so make up most of her guard but few have normal jobs. With their almost cat-like pupils they are skilled at seeing in the night and hearing things with their ears. One of the most important features of Bat Ponies would be their bat-like wings which give them their name.

Changelings are known for one thing; the fact that they live off of love. Have the rare sense to feel emotions that other ponies give off; these insect-like ponies feed off the most powerfully emotion that they can find; love. However; love isn't the only thing they eat. Also being able to eat real ponies food that makes up most of their diet, other then when they need to feed off of love due to that they will die without a monthly, or perhaps even weekly douse of it.

Changelings live together in a hive; led by one ruler, such as a queen and king. It is the ruler's job to get love for their subjects and so they will invade other places to get the love they need. Changelings are also infact unable to feed off each other loves for some odd reason which is also a prime factor in why they invade as they can't make their 'food' themselves.

Changelings also have the rare power to shapeshift; letting them take the place of a pony to help with their invading move faster by having one or even more of their kind on the inside. However; their normal forms look almost all the same, with a black exoskeleton, holes in their legs; lack of a mane, large blue bug eyes, and fangs coming from the bottom of the mouth. Some Changelings may have different features but it is rare for them to be found. Their ruler is always about the size of an Alicorn; which a mane and smaller fangs. They are also known for their bug-like wings; which let them chance after their targets but also let them move side to side while flying making it harder for their targets to lose them.

Alicorns are the most powerful race of all. Very few exist and those who do all hold jobs important jobs of guarding and protecting certain aspects of the world; such as the Moon, Sun, Magic, or Love. Having both a horn and wings; they are taller then most ponies which make them stand out. How the first Alicorns came to be or if there are any others is unknown; seeing how there are only two well known full Alicorns and two other well known ponies that were made Alicorns by the eldest full-blooded Alicorn, Celestia.

To say that full-blooded Alicorns are immortal is in fact wrong. They are age-less beings, as they stop aging at a certain time in their lives but Alicorns are still however able to die due to sickness and other ways, even thought they are less likely to get sick. Full blooded Alicorns also seem to have two forms; a weaker stage and a more powerful one. Alicorns are mostly seen in their powerful one but Luna was seen in her weaker stage after she was freed from Nightmare Moon; where her coat was a lighter color and her mane didn't not float like it normally does while also being a lighter color. In the powerful stage Alicorns seem to have flowing manes that seem to reflect what they rule over; Luna having a night sky-like mane while Celestia has a more rainbow-like one to show that she rules over the day.


Sharing the sky with the Pegsi, these half-lion half-eagle creatures are known for their dislike of the other races. Living high in the mountains, they are led by their ruling King or Queen and is known for having a rather fearsome army, but are at peace with the ponies. As they tend to keep to themselves, not much else is known about them.

Diamond Dogs:
Rarely known, Diamond Dogs are large dog-like creatures that live deep underground in search of gems. Their love for gems have no bounds, and they are almost willing to do anything to get their hands on them. While they fail to understand much about ponies, they are now at peace with them due to a treaty that they signed with Princess Celestia.

Crystal Ponies:
Ponies from the Crystal Empires, they are known for their coats which shine like, well, crystals. Living under the reigns of Princess Candace and Prince Shining Armor, they live in the bitter North of Equestria, but their lands are known to be rich and green due to a spell that covers the kingdom which keeps the winter storms away. They are known for being mostly Earth Ponies, but there are known peagsi and unicorns Crystal Ponies, even thought they are rare.

Small, fairy-like ponies, they are rare to find in the land of Equestria. While their true land is unknown, they are known for flying across Equestria every few years on small breezes which allows their magic to active and protect the pollen they carry. They also have a sensitivity to light and sound

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Races of Equestria Info
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