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 Avan's Creation

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Novel Shine
Novel Shine

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PostSubject: Avan's Creation   Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:42 pm

Name: Avan

Gender: Stallion 

Age. ??? (Looks 25-ish)

Race: Alicorn

Coat: Dark, muddy brown.

Mane: Light green

Magic Color (If Unicorn or Alicorn): Aqua Green

Eye color: green

Cutie Mark (Picture will work): A flower made of seeds.

How did your pony get their cutie mark:
A Growing Life.
“Come on, Sol!”

The sky was a dark shade of blue, dark grey clouds dotted the sky; waiting to be taken away because it had just been raining. This didn’t matter to a dark muddy brown alicorn that raced through the royal garden, his green eyes shining as he stomped though the mud puddle, which just turned his hooves a darker shade. Behide him followed a slightly-larger yellow-ish alicorn; being careful not to step in the mud.

Sol glanced at his friend and the small but growing garden around them. “Couldn’t thou pick a nicer day to do this, Avan? When the ground isn’t so muddy?” he snorted, but it was easy to see the large smile that Sol held.

Avan slid to a stop, his wings fluttering as he glanced back at Sol. The garden had always been Avan’s favorite place; however it was small. Only a few full-grown flowers could be seen, the rest still buds. Animals could be seen poking their heads out of their homes to get a glance to their beloved caretaker, Avan. “Art thou afraid of getting a little dirty, Sol? When did thou care about thou’s looks?”

The young golden prince just sighed, shaking his head. “Celestia would dislike it if thy returned covered with mu-“ He was cut off as a small ball of mud suddenly flew into his chest, another one being held by Avan in his green magical grip. Sol narrowed his eyes, lowering his head as he also took a ball of mud into his magical hold. “Thou dare? Thou will not win this battle, Avan!”

Both alicorns let out a battle cry as they started to fling up mud at each other, both laughing as they were splattered; the wet sticky dirt sticking to their manes and fur. Finally, after a tough mud battle; they both were laying on the ground next to each other, giggling as they tried to wipe the mud off of themselves.

Sol was the first to sit up, glancing at his dear friend. “Now that the battle is over; what did thou wish to show thee?”

Avan glanced at Sol with a confused look, before grinning. “Oh, right! Thy was caring for the plants when thy learned a new spell. Would thou care to see?”

The sun prince snorted as he got to his hooves, shaking the mud off of them. “Does thou need to ask?”

With a large smile, Avan rolled onto his hooves and sat up and moved to one of the dying flowers. It should have been a light purple but it now was dark purple. His horn started to glow as he kneeled down next to it. The flower started to slowly sit up, returning to its normal color. As it started to open, Avan grinned as he started to focus more on his spell. As the flower finally opened all the way up; the flowers next to it suddenly came to life, sitting up and opening up in seconds. The brown alicorn gasped in surprise as his magic suddenly turned off and all but the first flower wilted again. His hoof slipped on the wet ground as he attempted to back up, and fell backwards into a mud puddle.

“Amazing! A spell that covers thou in mud,” Sol laughed as he trotted up to Avan, before reaching out a hoof to help the fallen friend up. “Also; thy believed thy saw a glow on thou flank before the mud covered it.”

Finally onto his hooves, Avan glanced at his flank as he flapped his wings as he tried to remove the mud. He lifted up a hoof and swiped off the mud to find seeds on his flank. However; the seeds were in the shape of a flower. He grinned, before spinning to face Sol and throwing his hooves around his friend’s neck. “Thy has finally got it! Thy cutie mark is finally here!”

Personality: Avan is a very cheery pony on the outside. On the inside; he is a very upset and dark pony; knowing the hardship of live and the feeling of losing ponies close to you, he also knows how short life can be sometimes. He dislikes being treated like a prince (which he is), he wants to be like any other pony but he knows his blood keeps him from being that. Bitter toward Celestia for trapping Sol and Luna, he won't talk about the 'Sun Princess' and likes the night much more even thought he is mostly fond of plants.

Job (If they have one): None yet.

To live forever seems like it would be wonderful; but to those who do; it is a curse.

Born to full-blooded Allicorns; Avan lived the high life. With his brothers and sisters he was a fun loving colt.  Sure it took him years to grow up; he never knew better, having never met a lesser pony. Time had no meaning to Avan; and he loved it. He would be able to long celebrate the gift of life, but he soon learned his gift was not shared by all. He knew not of any other Alicorns so when he started to fear he would not have any friends that would live with him other then for his family he set out to find more of his race.

He soon found a peaceful kingdom; not very old known as Equestria. Learning it was ruled by Alicorns, he soon traveled to their city of Canterlot where he soon grew close friends with the youngest two Alicorns, Luna and Sol. He soon gained his cutie mark and realized that he was the caretaker of life; of animals and plants, making sure they followed the way of life, but he had no control over life itself. Soon the dark day would come when the sun failed to rise and his perfect balance of life would tip.

His dear friend Luna feel into darkness and became Nightmare Moon, but while she was defeated soon after, Avan would be alone. With Luna in the moon and Sol in the sun, Avan had no friends other than for Celestia who had trapped them. He soon left the city of Canterlot and set out to travel the world until Luna and Sol returned. After 1000 years of seeing the world, the sun failed to rise one day and Avan knew Luna had been set free. He headed back to Equestria but soon learned that nopony knew who Sol was, the one whom Avan had been closest to. Feeling upset about his still missing friend he set out on his own trip to find him, and soon stopped in Ponyville, sure his friend's soul was there but where it was, he was unsure...

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Novel Shine
Novel Shine

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PostSubject: Re: Avan's Creation   Thu May 02, 2013 5:31 pm

Cause I am bored...
I approve myself.

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Avan's Creation
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