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 The NPC List

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The NPC List Empty
PostSubject: The NPC List   The NPC List EmptySat Mar 02, 2013 5:55 pm

This is list of NPC that might appear around Ponyville sometimes, or run a shop and who RPs at them.

Name of NPC/Name of who RPs as them

Applejack: Badger (For now)
Big Mac: Badger (For now)
Applebloom: Badger (For now)
Sweetie Bell: Badger (For now)
Scootaloo: Badger
Pinkie Pie: Badger
Pound Cake: Echo
Pumpkin Cake: Echo
Fluttershy: Badger (For now)
Zecora: Badger
Princess Celestia: Badger
Princess Luna: Kitty
Princess Twilight Sparkle: Echo
Princess Cadance: Badger (For now)
Prince Shining Armor: Badger (For now)
Rainbow Dash: Badger
Rarity: Badger (For now)
Lotus: Badger (For now)
Aloe: Badger (For now)
Ditzy Doo (Derpy): Icee
Doctor Whooves: Badger
Spike: Badger (For now)
Octavia: Badger (For now)
Vinyl Scratch: Badger (For now)
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The NPC List
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