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 Winter Nights Full of Nightmares and Regrets

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Winter Nights Full of Nightmares and Regrets Empty
PostSubject: Winter Nights Full of Nightmares and Regrets   Winter Nights Full of Nightmares and Regrets EmptySat Apr 20, 2013 2:17 am

The night was cold and bitter, only bright by the full moon with Nightmare Moon's shape in it. It was winter, a time of frost yet a time for something anew. A young alicorn looked out of the balcony of her palace during midnight when a glowing radiant light descended.

"Thou thinking of what you're meant to do, dearest Princess?" the light called, landing on the balcony. Celestia's wings fluttered gently and her mane flowed with the wind.

Sighing, the young alicorn replied, "Perhaps I wasn't meant to be a princess... Maybe it was a mistake for me to be born." The young alicorn stood up and started to walk back to her bed, sadly.

Celestia quietly called, "Fear not Yuyu, your powers will arise tonight. I will help you..." Closing her violet eyes, she soon opened them for them to glow white and her magic spirited the two away to a snowy area where it was in the midst of a blizzard.

"Where are we? Are we in another area of the Glaciation Empire? Tell me please, how you will help me and where we are, Ms. Tia." the alicorn said, full of fright.

The larger alicorn replied, "Hush now dearest princess, we are not far from your Empire. I will teach you to harness your powers tonight. You control who can have good dreams and have power over the winter. However, until... until... Celestia stopped for a moment, fighting back a few tears, "Lu-lu gets back, you will raise the moon, but nopony will know it's you.

Winter Dream's eyes widened, "Lu-lu is gone?! I thought... that would never happen. Shaking her head, the young alicorn tried to change the topic, "Can you show me how to use my powers then?"

"Yes... Both Lu-lu and Sol. So soon after Prince Sombra was trapped into the ice, they both have been trapped into moon and sun," Celestia explained quickly before replying, "Yes, I'll help... However, after you've learned what it's like to be winter and dreams itself!"

Startled, Winter Dream replied, "Why do I have a feeling this has something to do with disappearing?" Though she spoke quietly enough so Celestia couldn't hear. She had a feeling that the crystal Sombra used had seeped into Celestia a little bit and now it was her turn to disappear.

"Let us begin then..." Celestia said before she activated her magic, forcing it onto the adolescent, before the other alicorn was gone, trapped inside a small orb where she would only be allowed to send dreams and give out the bitter cold of winter.

Before even realizing it, Celestia continued to force her magic onto the orb, nearly breaking it, and Winter Dream. "W-what have thou done? I've done something I never should've done... Trap Yuyu when she was supposed to help me. Now, I have the duties of raising up Sol and Lu-lu everyday, no matter how painful it is to my heart. I'm... so sorry Yuyu, Sombra, Sol, and Lu-lu..."

Hearing Celestia's apology, she replied quietly, "It's alright Celestia... I forgive you." Though the princess didn't hear the trapped alicorn, Celestia sent the orb into a a lake, sinking the orb and leaving it under until the coldest winter came for the young princess to be free. Truly perhaps, did Celestia regret all her actions. Celestia then veiled the Glaciation Empire to be hidden until it was time for Winter Dream to come back and take her place as ruler of the empire.
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Winter Nights Full of Nightmares and Regrets
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