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 Mastiff (Newbie!)

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PostSubject: Mastiff (Newbie!)   Mastiff (Newbie!) EmptyMon Mar 25, 2013 12:27 am

Name: Mastiff, but close friends may have the honor to call him "Mast"

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Race: Diamond Dog

Fur/Feather color: snow white in the center of the body, darkens to gray at the extremities. his skin is black, making the end of his snout, inner ears, and paw pads black.

Eye color: Royal Blue

Even among Diamond Dogs, Mastiff is a peculiar individual. Unlike the other Dogs, he seems to harbor absolutely no bad blood for anything, including ponies, and despite his appearance he posseses a cheerful spirit few Dogs have. Being raised by one of the northern dens in some unnamed mountain in Equestria's snowy north (Crystal Empire area, more or less), Mastiff finds it hard to accept Celestia as a deity/ruler, and instead pays homage to the natural spirits that he believes exists. As a consequence, Mastiff is deeply superstitious, and the performance of magic is something he finds remarkable. On the other hand, Mastiff can be a nightmare. He tends to be very defensive about things he loves, and can't tolerate to see a mare being harassed by a stallion. He carries a well made, almost elegant club, (a going away gift from his den) that he is willing to use to defend himself.

Apart from being a surprisingly fierce fighter/ Superstitious softie, Mastiff also holds the drink in high regard, and is quite the gourmand when it comes to beverages. It is an acquired taste, a taste developed by growing up with Dogs who grew grains in their caves and brewed said grains into all kinds of drinks to stave off the cold. Mastiff has the recipe memorized, and has a brewing station in his house. You will never find him without a flask or two of "Mastiff's Private Reserve" on him, and if you even ask nice enough, he might share.

Job: Does odd jobs here and there, mostly makes money selling Grain Brew

Raised by northern Dogs, Mastiff comes from a culture vastly different to anything most normal Equestrians are familiar with, from the way he dresses to the way he speaks. He lived a fairly orthodox life with his denmates, and spent much of his den life hunting beasts (which is why he will sometimes refer to his traditional club as 'Bear'), aiding the elders brew the warming drinks (strong alcohol, basically), and working in the underground grain farms. at the age of 18, he grew tired of life in the den, and after hearing rumors of a civilization of ponies somewhere out there (to say his den was in a remote location is a dramatic understatement), he set out with the elder's blessing to find his way in Equestria, taking nothing but his den clothing, a keg of Grain Brew, a special club made from the hardest of wood and elegantly engraved with protective phrases and images of animals, food for the trip, a hiking stick, and several trinkets that he could trade for a train ticket. After a month of hiking through snowy plains, blizzards, and tundras, he finally found the Crystal Empire, and took a train to Ponyville, hoping that he could find a new life there.

Appearance: Mastiff is by no means soft looking. Looking more like an arctic wolf than a dog, he's attractive (At least by Northern Dog standards). Mastiff's body is extremely muscular, having led an extremely physical life. His statue-like frame is covered in slightly shaggy white hair, giving him a soft, cuddly appearance (although spontaneously cuddling him is not recommended). He stands at six feet and four inches tall, and constantly wears an eskimo coat (because I can't remember the exact word for it at the moment) that covers his upper body and ends at the waist. From the waist down, he wears a kilt (Not a dress! a kilt!), and a few protective necklaces and lucky charms can always be found hanging off his neck. He boasts a blue tattoo on his left cheek that looks like a mountain, with the face of a snarling wolf in the center. his kilt is a plaid pattern of deep blue and lighter blue, and his eskimo coat is just gray enough to contrast with his fur. The tattoo on his cheek can also be seen on the back of his coat. Under the sown image on his coat is a phrase that translates to "Long Live the Blue Wolves! Long Live our Mountain!", the rallying cry for his den in times of strife.
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PostSubject: Re: Mastiff (Newbie!)   Mastiff (Newbie!) EmptyMon Mar 25, 2013 11:57 pm

Since Kitty and Badge aren't here... Accepted.
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Mastiff (Newbie!)
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