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 Being Alone

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Novel Shine
Novel Shine

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PostSubject: Being Alone   Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:54 pm

A streak of rainbow broke thought the silence of the night, heading straight for a dark, large allicorn. She hissed as the beam suddenly turned away from her, and started to circle her around, going faster then her eye could keep track off. Her aqua eyes focused on the white allicorn before her, the source of the rainbow."Thou shalt never win. I shall return. Thou's dear land will be blanketed in thy night forever one day, Celestia!"

"But not today, thy dear sister," Celestia cooed softly at her sister, fluttering her wings as she forced her magic and mind on the beam of rainbow, trying to finish the spell which wouldn't turn Nightmare Moon to stone like it had with the chaotic Discord, but instead send her to the moon. "Thou knows I don't wish to do this...Lu-Lu, give up this fight!"

Nightmare Moon hissed at Celestia, her eyes flickering around as she tried to find a way to escape the Element of Harmory, but she found no such luck. "Lu-Lu? I am no longer her. I am Nightmare Moon, ruler of thy night!" As she watched the whirlwind of harmony grow closer and closer, Nightmare lowered her horn straight at Celestia, her eyes burning. "Don't think I'm not aware of thou's plan, Celestia. You think thou can just lock me away?" She stomped a hoof, as she snorted. "I will not be locked away alone!"

With a quick movement, Nightmare Moon swung her horn away from Celestia and toward the young allicorn stallion that had been watching the whole duel take place. "If thy must be locked away...then Sol shall be locked away as well." With a grin, Nightmare Moon shot a beam of dark magic at the surprised stallion, who suddenly started to glow with a yellow light. "Thou shall lock me in the moon? Then Sol is going to the sun." The dark allicorn turned her head toward the wide-eyed Celestia. "Have fun spending 1000 moons alone, Celestia."

Celestia glanced at Sol who was still glowing as he glanced at Celestia. "Wha-What art thou going to do, Tia?"

The white allicorn turned her head away as tears started to run down her face. "What I came here to do, Sol." With that, she completed the spell. With a loud screech, the rainbow whirlwind closed on Nightmare Moon, causing a burning light to erupt, causing the darken night to flicker with hope. However, when the light disappeared, around Celestia laid five rocks; once the Elements of Harmony. They were useless now.

The moon hung darkly above Celestia as she raised her head to it, blinking sadly at the new shape that had appeared on it, of a mare. "I am so sorry Lu-Lu..." The princess turned her head to find that her brother was gone too, and while trying to hold back tears she focused on the sun and the moon, and slowly but surely, her horn lit up as she slowly moved them along.

The first break of sunrise seen in days started to peak over the mountains, and as the sun slowly started to appear, Celestia started to sob as she fell to the ground. She was alone...And she would be for 1000 years. "Lu-Lu...Sol...please, return home soon..."
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PostSubject: Re: Being Alone   Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:09 pm


Celestia's forever alone now.
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Lunar Eclipse

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PostSubject: Re: Being Alone   Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:49 pm

Bravo. Amazing job on the story Badge~ <3

Also love the nicknames too~
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PostSubject: Re: Being Alone   Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:42 am


They had nicknames; like Luna's was Lu-Lu, and Celestia's was 'Tia. xD

Nice job.

T U L I  L I T H

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PostSubject: Re: Being Alone   

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Being Alone
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