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 The history of King Sombra

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PostSubject: The history of King Sombra   Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:43 pm

The History of King Sombra
What led to his downfall and the effect it had.

1000 years ago, the Crystal Empire was a wonderful place. Led by the young Prince Sombra, he ruled his kingdom with love and care. Soon, he found himself in love with Princess Luna of Equestria. They were soon wedded and they were happy. However, their happiness was short lived. The Crystal Empire stood in the middle of a harsh barren land, covered with snow. Dangers lurked closer to the Empire each day. Prince Sombra soon took it upon himself to find a way to keep his beloved Empire safe. He soon found a strange black crystal, the power of which was unbelievable. Spending hour after hour trying to find a way to tap into the power of the crystal, his loving wife Princess Luna soon became worried.

Luna went to the only pony she could turn to, her beloved sister Celestia. However, Celestia paid no heed to Luna's begs for help believing she was worrying about nothing and wouldn't step from her duty as the ruler of Equestria because of her sister being worried. Luna soon returned to the Crystal Empire with her heart broken and found her kingdom like nothing before. Prince Sombra had tapped into the power of the Black Crystal, but it had driven him to madness. He had taken over the Crystal Empire, turned the ponies into slaves and named himself King Sombra.

Soon, he found himself face to face with Luna and Celestia in a battle for the Crystal Empire. They fought and even thought it was a close battle, King Sombra was soon locked away into the ice that he was trying to save his empire from. However, his vow of saving the empire still stood, and with a final act of magic; he caused the Crystal Empire to disappear from the face of Equestria.

Luna was crushed; her Crystal Empire and her beloved lost to the vast ice. She soon became distance and bitter to Celestia, unwilling to forgive her for turning from Luna in her time of need, seeing her sun more important then Luna herself. She soon made plans of causing an forever night, so that her sister would have care about her then her duty. However, Luna's plan when wrong when she lost control of herself, the anger and envy turning her into Nightmare Moon and was soon sent to 1000 years to the moon.

Spending both 1000 years trapped effected both the ponies, while Nightmare Moon's hold on Luna started to slip as they slept for those years, King Sombra wasn't so lucky. He was awake; trapped in the ice as he attempted to escape. Finally, his mind shattered; becoming almost a mindless pony that only wanted to rule the Crystal Empire and feed on the magic of his dark crystals; caring nothing about saving the Crystal Empire from the harsh winters they faced or seeing Princess Luna's face again.
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The history of King Sombra
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