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 .:Pegasus - Sugardrop :.

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.:Pegasus - Sugardrop :. Empty
PostSubject: .:Pegasus - Sugardrop :.   .:Pegasus - Sugardrop :. EmptyWed Mar 06, 2013 2:09 am

.:Pegasus - Sugardrop :. Heart_of_silver_glow_by_bamboodog-d4m5vg1

I did not create the image; BambooDog on DA created it

Name: Sugardrop

Gender: Mare

Age: 9

Race: Pegasus

Coat: Light Blue

Mane: Dark Blue; Her mane isn't that long. It's about as long as Fluttershy's (filly).

Eye color: Royal Blue

Cutie Mark (Picture will work): ^

How did your pony get their cutie mark: Sugardrop gets her cutie mark when she finds that making treats is her favorite and best thing to do. She gets it while she goes to school with Melody (which means, much later, and not now).

Personality: Sugardrop is very gentle and caring. She sometimes gives lectures about how it's better not to bully. Sugardrop loves to encourage ponies to do what they believe and really admires working with Coco Boom/Sol. However, the filly is very emotional and can act up easily. She despises gossip and prefers to hang with Sweetie Belle to write some songs or Coco Boom/Sol to make some sweets. The filly also loves to hang around with Fluttershy or Applejack.

Job (If they have one): Student at the Ponyville Schoolhouse

History: Sugardrop was born to mid-class ponies at the Crystal Empire. Unlike most of the ponies there, she wasn't a Crystal Pony, and was often bullied about it. Her parents soon heard of her problems and went ahead and moved to Ponyville when she was around 6. Later, she spent a lot of time with Sweetie Belle, Fluttershy, or Applejack. Every now and then, would she spend time with the former Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Being a blank flank for awhile, she thought of forming a new Cutie Mark Crusaders club, but everyone she knew already had their cutie marks. Depressed, she wanted to go to school. She asked her parents if she could go to school.

Her parents thought she wanted to be enrolled in Flight Camp, since Sugardrop wasn't a great flier. She however, explained she just wanted to go to school here in Ponyville. Meeting Melody at school, she soon became best friends with the Princess, who has been helping her earn her cutie mark.

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.:Pegasus - Sugardrop :. Empty
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.:Pegasus - Sugardrop :.
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