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 Last Chance For Hope [Closed]

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Last Chance For Hope [Closed] Empty
PostSubject: Last Chance For Hope [Closed]   Last Chance For Hope [Closed] EmptyThu Feb 04, 2016 8:54 am

The sound of a train’s whistle split the air as the whole train car shook as it barreled down the tracks. Snowy fields speed past the windows as it headed toward its destination - the Crystal Empire. The car was empty, the tension within thick as Avan laid across the seat, his emerald eyes hard as he stared down at his crossed hooves. When Tuli had informed him of the letter she had received from Princess Cadance with the promise of curing his corrupted personality, he had been left uneasy. Something about the Princess’s plan left him unsettled, and couldn’t help but glance toward the far end of the train car every once in awhile, a worried frown on his muzzle.

During one of the times he lifted his gaze, he paused as he stared out the window to see that the snow had been replaced with lush green fields with the sight of a crystal kingdom growing closer and closer. A soft sigh escaped his muzzle as he pushed himself up from where he had been laying for the whole train ride and stretched out his limbs, his wings fluttering beneath his cloak. His eyes fell toward where Tuli was, before he quickly ripped his gaze away as he headed toward the exit of train car as it came to a rumbling halt. His horn lit up as he opened up the door and stepped out into the blinding sunlight.

His eyes squinted as he cast his gaze around the Empire, his fur pricking as he gulped nervously. It had been so long he had been here...His ears drooped as his whole body tensed up, glancing off to the side. Even though the empire was bright and shining, the memories of his last time being in the kingdom still burned in his mind, of the misery and slavery that Prince...King Sombra had inflicted upon his own kingdom and how this was the start of everything that had transpired to lead to Avan’s and Luna’s falls into darkness. The idea that this was where his ‘cure’ would be found here left a bitter taste in his mouth as he waited for Tuli.

“You must be Avan.”
A voice shook Avan out of his thoughts, turning to face a white unicorn stallion that was trotting up, a squad of Crystal pony guards behind him. The unicorn was wearing glimmering purple armor, but lacked a helm for some reason - perhaps he felt it wasn’t needed. His bright blue eyes were narrowed as he came to a halt, the armored guards did the same.

Avan suddenly felt uneasy, his eyes lingering on the weapons that the guards all had at the ready. Was it truly necessary? Did they not trust him or something? His eyes shifted back toward the train, before letting his attention fall on the stallion once again. “I am indeed Avan, and you are?”

“Prince Shining Armor,” he stated coolly, before tilting his head as he stared at the train. “Is Miss Fioritura joining us?”

“She will be out in a bit,” Avan replied softly, shifting on his hooves. He suddenly had a bad feeling about this whole thing…

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Last Chance For Hope [Closed] A5j48y
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Last Chance For Hope [Closed]
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