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 Avan's Plot Topics

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PostSubject: Avan's Plot Topics   Avan's Plot Topics EmptyMon May 11, 2015 5:00 pm

As most of you are aware, I am doing a plot involving Avan and his ‘evil personality’ Tamesis. This is just a small topic for you all to find all topics involving the plot or being apart of the plot somehow.
Topics ideas may be added to the 'To Come' list, or be removed. These are simply ideas I have, and unplanned topics may find their way onto this list.

Main Plot

Walking In (Completed)
Involving: Avan, Celestia, and Tuli.
When Celestia arrives at Avan’s house, Avan is upset for two reasons; one, he had never wanted to see the Princess again and two, he has a past that he doesn’t want to resurface...

Conference (Completed)
Involving: Tuli and Cadance
With the truth of Tamesis now aware to Tuli, she heads to the Crystal Empire to meet the Princes of Love in hopes of finding a way to save Avan from himself.

Brewing Storms. (Completed)
Involving: Avan, Tuli, and Matthew.
A storm brews over the Everfree, and Avan goes out to find a dear friends of his called Matthew. However, when the storm subsides and he hasn’t returned in the morning, it is up for Tuli to find where Avan had disappeared too.

Mission Impossible. (Completed)
Involving: Avan, Nevaeh, and Tuli
Another pony of Avan’s past arrives at this house...Only he has no idea who this Mare of Time is. Nevaeh has finally found Prince Avan after a thousand  years, but she finds that her mission of bringing him home may be harder than she thought...

Tutela (Ongoing)
Inovling: Matthew, Tuli, and Avan
When Matthew comes to Tuli for help, you know something is wrong. While suppose to be on a play-date with Avan in the night, Matthew makes his way into Ponyville to find Tuli...Something has happened to Avan and Matthew is worried for his friend.

Side Stuff Involving Avan

Chocolate Flowers. (Ongoing)
Involving: Chocolate Explosion, Tuli, and Avan
Chocolate Explosion is just closing up Sugarcube Bakery when Tuli comes in...He is taken by surprise by the sweet mare, but perhaps what just started off as a trip for some chocolates may become more...And not in a good way.

Surprise, Surprise! (Ongoing)
Involving: Orchid, Tuli, and Avan
Orchid has come up with a brilliant plan to play a huge trick on Tuli, but how much can the unicorn take of this trick?

Side Stuff not involving Avan (but still apart of the plot somehow)

Free at Last. (Ongoing)
Involving: Nevaeh and Dream Spell
A thousand years ago Nevaeh was sent on a mission by Avan’s parents to find Avan but trouble happened when she was trapped in stone...Now free, she must continue her journey only to run into an alicorn who is trapped in never-ending amnesia.

Greetings. (Completed)

Involving: Nevaeh and Celestia
Nevaeh has found information about a place called Canterlot, and travels there to meet with the ruling Princess in hopes of finding out where Avan is located.

Topics to come (planned topics)

??? (Name Unknown)
Involving: Tuli and Candace
Candace has set another letter to Tuli, saying that she might have an idea on how to destroy Tamesis for once and for all, and wishes to speak to her in person.
Misc. Info: Most likely gong to be a short topic.

Troubles of the Mind.
Involving: Avan and Tuli
When Tuli arrives home after a visit to the Crystal Empire, she is surprised to find pillows thrown everywhere and a broken vase...She finds Avan hiding in his room, and finds it is up to her to calm the nerves of the alicorn stallion when it comes to his evil-self.
Misc. Info: Takes place after topic above.

Last Chance For Hope.
Involving: Avan, Tuli, and Princess Cadance.
It is finally time. Princess Cadance is sure she has found a way to defeat Tamesis, and has summoned Avan and Tuli to the Crystal Empire so that they may get rid of Tamesis for once and for all. However, things will never go as easy as it should be when Tamesis is around...
Misc. Info: Final Topic

All Characters:

Avan's Plot Topics A5j48y
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Avan's Plot Topics
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