Welcome to the world of Equestria! Years have past since the Elements of Harmony have saved the world, and now it is time for new ponies to walk these paths.
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 .:Heart Blossom:.

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Heart Blossom


Approx. 25

Pegasus Pony

A simple peach.

A fuschia with pale rose highlights that match her sister's mane. It spikes out, similar to Vinyl Scratch's, but thicker.

Eye color:
A light sky blue.

Cutie Mark (Picture will work):
.:Heart Blossom:. 3_hear11

How did your pony get their cutie mark:
(I feel like making this story form)
The little pegasus lazily soared through the air, her mind somewhere far off in the clouds. Below on a small cloud, two pegagus ponies could be heard bickering. The two had been known as the "lovers" of Cloudsdale. A small pain struck Heart Blossom's chest. These two were always so happy. It seemed as though it wasn't completely true though. The peach pony was always so kind and full of heart. She flew down towards the couple, stopping beside them.
"Why are you fighting? Don't you love each other?" she inquired, staring at the two intently with bright blue eyes. The two stopped in their tracks and looked at the little filly.
"It doesn't concern you." they said in unison.
"Yes, but doesn't it bother you? You hate to fight. I know... You are meant to be together, so why spend that lifetime fighting? Instead, why don't you just enjoy it to the fullest? You only have this opportunity once." Heart Blossom spoke, shocking the ponies before her. They both looked at each other and began to break down. Soft whispers of apologies were exchanged between the lovers as small tears streamed down their faces. They both turned to the filly with smiles on their faces.
"Thank you. Your heart truly blossoms with love." they spoke, sharing their gratitude with the little pegasus. She just smiled and nodded. As she flew off, her flank began to glow a divine white. Never before had she witnessed something so magical. Soon enough, three simple pink hearts were tattooed to the pegasus' leg. Heart Blossom knew her purpose then and there. She was meant to create love.

Basically, she has a natural affinity for helping ponies love each other.

Heart Blossom is kind and sweet and not afraid to speak her mind. She always has the best intentions, though sometimes it comes out wrong when telling ponies they aren't meant for each other. She always tries to be gentle and calm, though when certain situations come up, she can be loud and passionate. Her ability to find pairs within a crowd has earned her the title "Cupid".

Job (If they have one):
Sometimes, ponies ask her for help finding their special some-pony.

Heart Blossom grew up in Cloudsdale with her parents, but always visited her sister Fluttershy down at her cottage. She finished flight school with average marks. She always felt slightly useless, even after earning her cutie mark. Not many ponies her age were looking for that special some-pony, so she felt like she couldn't do her job. Eventually, when she was old enough, she traveled down to Ponyville, where she was reunited with her sister. Occasionally she would visit her friends in Cloudsdale but she usually stayed in a small house in Ponyville. When she was 20 she moved to Canterlot where she tried to become a famous pony for her love advice. She started a business that helped ponies look for their perfect match, which boomed with business. Eventually it died down, and she went out of business. After a while she moved back to Ponyville and started up shop there. She is always looking for a mare for herself, but she can never find him. She was always interested in a friend Rainbow Dash's (my next creation), but she has been to shy to say anything. She is currently working hard and trying to keep low, though many new faces are showing up.
"It's hard to focus on work with all these new ponies around. I've never seen them before." ~ Heart Blossom on Ponyville ponies
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.:Heart Blossom:.
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