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 Okay, I'm A Jerk. ;;

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Okay, I'm A Jerk. ;; Empty
PostOkay, I'm A Jerk. ;;

I completely forgot about this place. Again. Until Crys just reminded me on WCC. I'm a terrible person. SORRY
I have no idea what's happened so far, so here's what I'm going to go ahead and do...
1) Lunar's been on a trip to Canterlot to visit Twilight and Luna (again)
2) Dream's been hiding in the Castle Ruins, so nobody ever bothers looking at her or going there
3) Sugar's been... in school? Somewhere?
4) Orchid's... visiting her Breezie home and just got back because that gate takes forever for her to open forcibly and break the rules.
5) Tiānlài is a character I'm dropping.

The four I'm keeping are going through a few revamps, so I'll make new creations for them ASAP. And probably make a new Character Profile later. And probably get decent drawings for them done so you guys will actually know what they look like.


Quick plans for what I want to happen:
1) Lunar having trouble adapting back to the quiet life of Ponyville and working in the library again
2) Dream meeting the other alicorns? Again? And not being a jerk to Avan? Maybe being jealous of Tuli? A tiny bit? asdfghjkl;
3) Getting her out of that shell of hers - she still doesn't have friends, especially since Melody doesn't exist this time. Or maybe make her more athletic or something. Or more like a tomboy. Idk
4) And Orchid being as annoyed as possible with Avan and Tuli's actual relationship now (I think)
5) Major revamps in personalities and traits for all of them. 3/4 of my characters are quiet and antisocial. So, good job me. ;^;

So... Yeah. I'm great at this. As you can see, these plans are 100% fool-proof.
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Okay, I'm A Jerk. ;; :: Comments

Re: Okay, I'm A Jerk. ;;
Post on Wed Apr 29, 2015 10:05 am by Tuli
-cough- You owe me pranks man. Also Tuli's been going to the castle ruins, and I have an Alicorn who is in charge of time. Dream, you've got a friend now. -chucks Veah-
Re: Okay, I'm A Jerk. ;;
Post on Wed Apr 29, 2015 10:38 am by Icee
Welcome back! I've recently come back too, so you're not alone! I have some new ponies + old/revamped ones, if you didn't see. I hope we can come up with some good plot points together!
Re: Okay, I'm A Jerk. ;;
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Okay, I'm A Jerk. ;;

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