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 Miss Neveah

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Miss Neveah 15rme4k
Courtesy of Novel Shine for the amazing picture

Name: Neveah (Ne-vay-ah)
Gender: Mare
Age: 2,150
Race: Alicorn
Coat: Soft Beige
Mane: An Iris-Purple, with a Golden Highlight
Magic Color: A golden-brown
Eye color: Yellow-Gold
Cutie Mark (Picture will work): A sideways hourglass
How did your pony get their cutie mark: In short, Neveah got her cutie mark creating a spell to balance the flow of time.
About 1,000 Years Ago... (Story)
Hooves clacked as the young mare paced about, watching the large hourglass before her. The fondness to the object was something that the mare herself didn't even understand, but the connection to it was unmistakeable. The time spells that she had been constantly striving to perfect and master were that of which used rather strong magic, and there was no doubt that it did.

But right now, what was happening made her unhappy. All the clocks surrounding her, all the hourglasses, even her pace... It seemed to excellerate and slow at random intervals. Almost as if, there was an imbalance. No, that wouldn't do. Books swarmed around the beige mare in an attempt for a time spell that would perhaps work, in all hopes to do so. There was none... Panic flared quickly. Ez nem lehet igaz! The native tongue of the pony was exclaimed as she seemed to pace even quicker around the large hourglass in the center of the room. It was a make of her fathers' craft, something to entertain her. It would turn automatically, each time it did signaled a full day.

Yet, the normal pacing of the day had messed up. How in the whole world could it happen? No.... It had to be corrected, there was no other way. Worry and curiosity filled the mare's eyes consistently as her horn alit with its soft aura. The beam grew, the light within the room seeming to grow brighter as the mare poured her magic into this spell. Words didn't seem to accompany the spell, as many others did... No, it was her mental focus that was doing it.

A blinding white light filled the mare's vision, before she rested upon the ground. Her head was pounding, and she felt drained. Before her was the hourglass, resting correctly. But before her was something that she didn't expect... A smaller hourglass was before her, resting perfectly on its side. The sand within the glass balanced evenly on both sides, and even so, the mare was quick to reset it.

The doors to the chamber opened, an alicorn stallion rushing in. "Neveah, minden rendben?" The concern filled the stallion's voice, and the younger alicorn mare could only nod. The gaze of the stallion softened, and a proud smile grew upon its features. "Nos, én tévedek aggódni. Valaki szerzett az szivi jel." That made the gaze of the mare light up excitedly, her gaze peering over to her flank. Most indeed, her cutie mark was there. It was the hourglass, the balanced sand only signaling to her one thing... She was to keep the balance of time from that day fourth.

Personality: Serious, Merciful, Studious, Intelligent, Somewhat kept to herself. Neveah offers information as best as she can to those who need it. Despite being a mare, Neveah still has a thing for constantly striving to learn new spells.
Job: Timekeeper, Heir, Princess
History: Neveah isn't native to Equestria, but rather elsewhere. Having recently arrived to Equestria, Neveah's history is sort of under lock and key for now. Mostly because Kitty is developing the rest of it.

T U L I  L I T H
Miss Neveah 2qxvrc6Miss Neveah 331klya

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Miss Neveah
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