Welcome to the world of Equestria! Years have past since the Elements of Harmony have saved the world, and now it is time for new ponies to walk these paths.
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 .:Alicorn - Winter Dream:.

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Lunar Eclipse

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PostSubject: .:Alicorn - Winter Dream:.   .:Alicorn - Winter Dream:. EmptyTue Mar 05, 2013 12:26 pm

.:Alicorn - Winter Dream:. Kd27JXZ.:Alicorn - Winter Dream:. 8YuC0HF
Images created by me; Heart Pony idea by BambooDog on DeviantArt

Name: Winter Dream (nickname: Dream)
Gender: Mare
Age: 16
Race: Alicorn
Coat: Black
Mane: Gradient Blue
Magic Color: An icy blue
Eye color: A silver blue
Cutie Mark: ^above
How did your pony get their cutie mark: Winter Dream got her cutie mark when she had a burst of magic that suddenly brought winter and ice throughout Canterlot. The snowflake represents the winter she brought and the glowy sparkles represent the good dreams she brought throughout the kingdom.
Personality: Winter Dream is a bit shy, but a bit more chatty than Lunar Eclipse. She spends a lot of time studying magic and reading. While she seems very serious at times, Dream can be a bit nicer than you think.
Job (If they have one): Princess of Dreams and Winter; Melody's caretaker
History: Winter Dream was born to some royal ponies somewhere (DX). Throughout her life, she has had to learn how to act like royalty and gain the traits qualified for a princess. She admires Luna a lot and works in a team when it comes to dreams with her.

Coming to Ponyville, Dream is there to help take care of Melody. Novel and Lunar casted a spell on her so that whenever she isn't in front of royalty, then she doesn't have to show her wings.
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Novel Shine
Novel Shine

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PostSubject: Re: .:Alicorn - Winter Dream:.   .:Alicorn - Winter Dream:. EmptyTue Mar 05, 2013 5:24 pm

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.:Alicorn - Winter Dream:.
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