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PostSubject: Redrawing!   Redrawing! EmptyFri Jan 23, 2015 1:27 pm

Lately, I've been redoing some of my old drawings. Really just because I hated how they turned out before because of how much I have improved. So, I thought I would ask you if you have any drawings you want me to redraw of mine. Or, if you give me perhaps a picture you have drawn, I can draw my own take on it. Either way, this is just a fun topic and it is so much easier to draw stuff if you have a good idea what are you drawing. I am also planning to put my redrawing on here, so you can look at them. My current project is redrawing Avan's family from This topic. Its only been like a year and a half since I drew them, but I know I can do so much better. So far, at the time of making this topic, I have three of them done. Hopefully I'll finish the other three soon enough.

Queen Tao
March 2013:
January 2015:

King Mortis
March 2013:
January 2015:

March 2013:
January 2015:

'Sombra's Door'
Sometime last year:
December 2014 (Warning: Huge):

All Characters:

Redrawing! A5j48y
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