Welcome to the world of Equestria! Years have past since the Elements of Harmony have saved the world, and now it is time for new ponies to walk these paths.
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 Welcome to PonyVille!!!! (Open topic)

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PostSubject: Welcome to PonyVille!!!! (Open topic)   Thu Jan 22, 2015 2:09 am

Small blue hoofs collided with the ground as a young foul fell out of the crowded train. He had a bad in his mouth and a small hat on. His cutie mark was some sort of blueberry dessert. This pony was from Canterlot. He had a light purple coat with blue splotches, and his mane was dark blue. Today he was visiting his big sister, Moon Shine. "Moon Shine, Moon Shine!" He called through his mouthful of bag, noticing a bright blue coat and purple mane. The mare quickly turned to him and rushed over. "Hi Blueberry Daze! I'm so excited you made it this year!" Last year there had been a blizzard so bad he had not been able to come. Quickly the two walked around for a bit before reaching the end of the train station area.

Moon Shine:


Blueberry Daze:

Pumpkin Spice:
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Welcome to PonyVille!!!! (Open topic)
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