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 Crashed Landing

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Novel Shine
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Crashed Landing 2zdrvr5
There was a huff as Novel Shine sat in the waiting room, a book floating in front of her. Every few minutes she would look up from her book, her gaze flicking to the door but once she would see that nothing had changed, she would go back to her book. And so this went on, until the sound of the door opening up reached Novel's ears and she looked up to see the grey and red half-bat pony strolled from the room with an annoyed look on her face. "I can't fly like this!" Burning Ash complained once she noticed her friend, making her way over to her. She raised a hoof, motioning at the white cloth that was rather easy to see as it was wrapped around her midsection.

Lowing her book, Novel sighed as she stared at her friend. "Perhaps you should of been looking where you were going and have not crashed then. So, what is the verdict with your wing?" She rose from her seat, looking at the white cloth as Burning Ash shifted.

"Doc said I fractured it..." Burning said with a sigh, glancing at her right wing that was tucked under the cloth but also bound to her side; to make sure she didn't risk harming it any more. Her free wings flared with annoyance. "I would have been fine if that tree hadn't gotten in my way!"

Novel Shine raised an eyebrow at this as the two of them started to walk from the waiting room. "I'm sorry? 'Gotten in your way?' Ash; you crashed into my house. I have no idea how you think it ended up getting in your way. The Golden Oak Library has been there for a rather long time last time I checked."

"It so got in my way..." Burning whispered to herself, her ears flicking. "Anyways, you didn't seem to worried about me when I crashed! I could of have a broken bone!"

Novel titled her head, her horn glowing as her book floated behind her. "Ash, I have an older brother who wanted to be a part of the Royal Guard since we were little. I know what a broken bone looks like."

Burning Ash turned her head away with a childish pout. "Still...You could of acted like you were more worried..."

"And yet you try to claim that you are the serious one," Novel said with an long sigh. "You are wish to be seen as tough, you are going to have to act like it."

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Crashed Landing
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