Welcome to the world of Equestria! Years have past since the Elements of Harmony have saved the world, and now it is time for new ponies to walk these paths.
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 Headcanon about the Races

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PostSubject: Headcanon about the Races   Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:47 pm

Ahem....Welcome to another episode of Headcanon with me, your host, Badger Fang! Today on Headcanon, we are going to be talking about the different races of Equestria, but we are going to start with the main ones; Earth, Unicorn, and Pegasi. Now, recall that on Headcanon, these ideas are my own so you might agree or disagree, your idea is your own!

Now, let's hop into it.

Let's start out at the bottom, and start with Earth Ponies!

Now, we have a lot to cover with all of the races, so we are going to be breaking them into parts.

The first part; main abilities: Strength. Earth ponies are known for this as they have a magic ability that grants this; although most ponies are not aware of this. How much this that shows up in a pony will vary, causing some to have little strength while others to be rather powerful. Earth Ponies also have a connection to the earth; letting them be skilled at growing and tending for plants causing for many Earth Ponies to be farmers.

Social rating: Earth ponies tend to have a rather bad one, tending to be more of a 'common pony.' This does not mean that they can't have a higher social status, but as Earth Ponies had started out as farmers in the beginning of Equestria due to their connection to the ground, they were treated badly by some of the ponies that had a higher social status such as the Pegasi and Unicorns.

Colors: Earth Ponies tend to have more earthy colors, such as browns, yellows, greens and such. However, earth ponies can have more varied colors, such as Pinkie Pie's bright pink and such.

The next race we shall cover, shall be the Unicorns.

Main abilities: This one is easy; their ability for magic. Unicorns are gifted as they have the ability to use magic, being one of the few races that can do this other than for the Changelings and Alicorns. Unicorns' horns are connected to their brain and an area that only they and other magic-using races have; a place known as a magicpool, or a  manapool. This manapool is where they store their magic, and where they draw from to cast spells. Unicorns have varying 'depths' to their pool, which acts a bit like a muscle. The more a unicorn uses it, the stronger it will get but it is known to never to cast a spell once this pool is empty, as it will start to draw from the unicorn's life and goes into the range of 'dark magic.' How deep this pool is when the unicorn is born varies, but due to this and the fact that the pool can keep growing as magic is used; unicorns that are born with a large manapool can master a vary of spells and use many spells without exulting their manapools.

Social rating: Unicorns tend to be in the more of the higher ups in the social life of Equestria as unicorns had been royalty before the two Alicorn sisters became princess. This ranking can still hold up to today, causing many unicorns to be at the top of the social rating. Their gift of magic is also something they prize, which can cause some unicorns to be self-centered and be rather rude to non-unicorns or lower 'ranked' ponies than themselves.

Colors: Unicorns have the most interesting color palette as they can be almost any color, but tends to be more purples, whites, blues, and such likes.

Now, we head to the skies to talk about the Pegasi

Main abilities: Their ability to fly is something that sets them apart, and what many Pegasi ponies prize. Pegasi, much like Earth Ponies, have a special magic ability which grants them this ability, as without it they would not be able to take into the skies. They also have lighter bones which helps them move nimble in the air, but has the down side that they are more likely to break bones if they crash. Their special magic ability also grants them the ability to touch clouds, letting them live on the masses of small water droplets and move them around; which grants the Pegasi the ability to control the weather as they so see fit.

Social rating: Pegasi ponies have a vary of standings in the social ranks, some being close to nobility, while others are more common folk. Having been warriors during the time of the Three Tribes, they more stood in the middle of Earth Ponies and the Unicorns, which is the reason why their ranking varies from pony to pony.

Colors: Pegasi ponies tend to be more bright colors, and tends to reflect the colors of the sky such as different shades of gray, blue, red, orange, yellow, and such. But like all races, their colors can vary but tends to stick to the ones I listed.

That's all we have for now! Tune in next time on Headcanon where I will explain my headcanon about the 'sub-races' known as the Bat and Crystal Ponies and then the races that are the Changelings and the Alicorns!

(A.k.a, I'll just add another post when I get around to it)

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Novel Shine
Novel Shine

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PostSubject: Re: Headcanon about the Races   Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:28 pm

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of Headcanon with me, your host, Badger Fang! Today, we are continuing on with what we were talking about on the last episode; my headcanon for the races of Equestria! Today,we are going to be covering four races today; the Bat Ponies, Crystal Ponies, the Changelings and finally, the Alicorns! Remember; here on Headcanon, these ideas are my own so you might agree or disagree, your idea is your own!

Now, lets get started.

First, we are going to do the ponies that are known for making up the Night Guard; the Bat Ponies! But today, we are going to do something a bit different.

Ahem...Bat Ponies are, as I think of them, a 'sub-race' of the more common Pegasi race. This meaning, they are alike in many ways but have some different magical abilities than the normal pegasus may have. Bat ponies are known for their dark colors, their bat-like wings, puffy ear tips, having more slit-like eyes and also even having small fangs. The middle three are key for helping the Bat Ponies. So, we are going to go over how each of these help them!

The wings: Their narrow, leathery wings are thinner than a normal pegasi wing, meaning that a bat pony can easily move around to dodge objects than a pegasus could, but having the thin skin instead of feathers means that they can tear easily, but they can heal the tears over time.

The ears: The small puffs of fur that a Bat Pony has on the tip of their ears serve one main purpose; to collect sound. This allows them to hear small sounds, which in the dark can help them know where things are which is one of the reasons they are useful as part of the Night Guard.

The eyes: The slit-like pupil that the Bat Ponies have allow it so that in the dark, their eyes can adjust to the small amount of light giving them sort of a night-like vision. This helps them in the dark caves that they normally use as nests, as they can see better than a normal pony would; making it easier to spot invaders while the intruder may be lost in the darkness.

All of these really count together in making it so the Bat Ponies can survive in the dark caves they prefer; having their wings help them move around objects they may not see until the last second in the dull light, but with their ears and their greater night-vision helping them see and know about what is coming so that they can move quickly.

Now, we shall return to the three topics we did on the last episode; main abilities, their social rating, and their colors along with a new one!

Main abilities: Well, we really went over most of them above, with how their special features help with surviving in the darkest of nights. They have the same ability of pegasi, being able to land on clouds and move them but they normally do not do have a job of taking care of the weather, as those who live known in Equestria normally are members of the Night Guard.

Social Rating: Before Princess Luna's return, Bat Ponies were almost unheard of as they had disappeared shortly after the Princess of the Night was banished. When they did reappear, they were normally mistaken for Vampires Ponies, and were hunted and thus lived far away from the main tribes of ponies. However, with Princess Luna's return to the throne, they are becoming more accepted in Equestria and are known for being members of the Night Guard; an order that had disappeared along with Luna that thousand years ago.

Colors: As I stated above, Bat Ponies tend to have dark colors, mostly varies of greys, but may be dark purples or just dusty-like colors.

Facts: Even thought they are seen as a sub-race of the Pegasi normally, Bat Ponies may have offspring with Unicorns and Earth Ponies; but these ponies will, depending on the parent:

UnicornxBat Pony: Either have a horn or bat wings
Earth PonyxBat Pony: Either have bat wings or nothing.

While how exactly the chances are made clear on how the foal gets one or another; they always get one to be the more dominant gene and thus cannot have both bat wings and a horn. For the pegasi, it is more of a chance of which version of the wings are, but it is believe that the pegasi wings are more chance to be dominant.

This also applies for the eyes, ears and fangs; there is a chance that they will get it or not.
Onto the Crystal Ponies.

Crystal Ponies are a rare sub-race of ponies that live in the Crystal Empire, living under the rule of Princiess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor, but in the latter years they have been vernturing from their homes. Crystal Ponies are known for their shiny coat and mane, that reflect and glimmers like crystals. Crystal Ponies are normally Earth Ponies, but unicorn and pegasi Crystal Ponies are known to exist.

Main Abilities: The abilities of Crystal Ponies isn't much different from the main race that they are apart of, but the magic that gives them their shiny coats and manes makes them resist to some forms of magic, but this type of magic only lasts when the crystal pony is in a happy mood; as thus if effected with a spell that brings down their mood, they will lose this magic until they are happy once more.

Social Ranking: Crystal Ponies tend to have a rather high spot in social latter thanks to their grand, shiny coats in the latest years since their return to Equestria. However, this doesn't seem to effect Crystal Ponies all that must as they rarely ever leaves the Crystal Empire as that is their home.

Colors: The colors of the Crystal Ponies tends to stay with the colors of their main race, but they also tend to have colors that could go with different colored gems which means that they may different colors than their main race may normally have.

Now that we are out of the sub-races, we are going onto a completely different race all together! The Changelings!

Changelings are an insect-like race of ponies. They are known for their ability to 'eat' love by draining it, but what is not normally known is that Changelings can in fact drain any emotion from a pony! But we'll get more into that with the next segment; their abilities.

Main Abilities: Changelings, as the emotion-drainers they are, have the rare ability to sense the emotions of the ponies around them. This can help them figure out what to do if confronted, by acting on the emotions that the pony is feeling. As I stated, they can drain any emotions and they do that by a special type of magic that only they know. However, the reason that love is the more commonly known emotion that they drain is the fact that, to them, it is the most tasty and thus most looked for when searching for food. But we'll get more about that in the Fact part. Now, Changelings also are gifted with the power to change themselves to look like; and sound like any pony that they so wish. Using this, they will sneak into towns to overthrown them in their search for food.

Social Ranking: As you can image, Changelings are normally hated for overthrowing towns as they search for food, so we are going to instead focus on another aspect of their lives; the social ranking of their hive. We'll start at the top; the Queen. The Queen or King of the Changelings is the ruler of the hive, and all other changelings bow to her/him. As Queen/King, it is their job to find the food for their hive, and lead them to getting that food that they so thirst for. Under the Queen/King are their off springs; who are trained so that they may lead the Hive one day. The commanders, who are under the leader's offspring, are the leader of the Changeling Army, and have somewhat a free will of their own, but still must follow the Queen's order. They are drones that show greater abilities than the rest and are promoted to this rank. Normally, it is one of the commanders that are chosen to be the Queen/King's mate when they feel it is time to have an offspring. Now, we go onto the drones. Drones are more of mindless servants, not having much of a freewill of their own; they simply follow orders. They do have their own personalities however, but when ordered to do something, they cannot refuse. The female drones, are normally the ones who keep the hive 'populated.'

Colors: There is really no real reason for this segment, as most of the changelings look the same, although there is rare changes that the exoskeleton of the changeling may be a different color. The only real difference is that the queen of the changeling's hair may be of different colors, but they tend to be more of a green-ish blue color.

Facts: What I really want to go over is something I mentioned above at Main Abilities; their power to drain any emotions. It is known that Changelings cannot drain each others emotions, which causes a lack of funding their own food and if a Changeling cannot feed for a certain amount of time, they will die. Now, while they can drain any emotion, there are emotions that they do not want to drain. We'll call those bad emotions, while the ones they do want are good emotions. Now, let me list a few of them.

Good Emotions:

Bad Emotions:

*To much will cause sickness in a changeling.

Can you see the pattern here? Changelings grow sick if they drain any 'bad' emotions; emotions that ponies may frown upon having. The most deadly of these to a Changeling would be lust, which if drained, may even kill a changeling. Changelings can only safely drain 'good' emotions, that ponies are proud to have. Love is the greatest of these and will feed a changeling for a long amount of time so is most looked for. Of course, having to much pride is dangerous for a Changeling as well.

Now, let's move onto our last topic for today, the Alicorns!

Alicorns, to many, are beings of mystery. Seen as immortal gods and goddess, they rule Equestria. Easily told apart by the fact they have both wings and a horn, with also the fact that they stand taller than any other ponies. They also have the most magic than any of the ponies with each Alicorn having a domain that they rule and thus are gifted with magic that fit into that domain.

Main Abilities: As stated above, Alicorns are the most magical of the races being gifted with all of the magical abilities of Earth, Pegasi, and Unicorns along with their extremely large manapool which means that using large spells are easy for them to do. But, while seen as immortal gods/goddess, both of those are false even with their grand abilities. While seemingly immortal, Alicorns are in fact, simply ageless beyond a certain age and gifted with fast healing. They may still get sick, and still require food and sleep to survive. Alicorns age slower than most, not being fully grown for a few hundred years and are known for not getting their cutie marks until they are almost fully grown.

Social Ranking: Alicorns stand at the top of the social ladder, being seen as Gods/Goddess in pony form, they are treated like royalty which most Alicorns are.

Colors: Alicorns tend to have colors dealing with their domain; even thought Celestia and Luna were not at first knowing of what their domains would be until long after they were born, this seems to imply that Alicorns are connected to their domain even before they realize it, but how this is possible is unknown.

Facts: These facts are really going to be talking about what the two different types of Alicorns are. You are most likely asking yourself; what do you mean two types? I mean by that, pure-blooded Alicorns and, well non-pure blooded Alicorns. For example, pure-blooded means those who were born as Alicorns such as Princess Celestia and Luna. Which means non-pure blooded would mean those who were gifted with their status as Alicorns though magical means by an Alicorn itself; such as Princess Candace and Twilight. Ponies who were gifted the race of Alicorn, while having grand powers like real Alicorns, are not gifted with the power of being ageless which means they still age the same, and as thus this also means that Twilight will not in fact outlive her friends, and Candace will not outlive her husband, Shining Armor. Yay for the both of them, cause I think that would really suck otherwise.

Anyways, that is all that I have for today. What will be on the next episode of Headcanon? I have no idea, so if you got something you want me to explain my headcanon on; ask away and I might just do it! Hope you'll tune in next time! Badger Fang out~

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Headcanon about the Races
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