Welcome to the world of Equestria! Years have past since the Elements of Harmony have saved the world, and now it is time for new ponies to walk these paths.
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 Some things important...

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Some things important... Empty
PostSubject: Some things important...   Some things important... EmptyTue Dec 30, 2014 11:02 pm

Bat-like wings zoomed fast in the dark sky, knocking into a large tree. "Oww..." He muttered silently. Sencing other ponies in the area, he zoomed into the highest area of the tree. Blinking, he looked into the center of the town, before going too far and falling down. "Oof!" He landed on his back. He got up, and a sharp pain whizzed through his wing. He wanted to scream but he bit it back. "Oww..." He muttered as he did before, trying to fix his wing, but it was no use as he heard hoofsteps close by. Crouching down, the dark blue and red bat pony waited for the pony to send him back home- oh, if they only knew he didn't have one.
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Some things important...
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