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 .:Unicorn - Lunar Eclipse:.

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Lunar Eclipse

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PostSubject: .:Unicorn - Lunar Eclipse:.   Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:39 pm

The one that is white and blue

Name: Lunar Eclipse (nickname: Lunar)

Gender: Mare

Age: 13

Race: Unicorn

Coat: White

Mane: Dark Blue and gets darker as it heads down

Magic Color: Blue like Cadence's.

Eye color: One is red, the other is yellow

Cutie Mark (Picture will work):

How did your pony get their cutie mark: Lunar Eclipse got her cutie mark when she found out that her magic was powered by the night. A sudden blast of energy fired at the sun, covering it with the moon. Then, she saw her cutie mark after the eclipse was over. She found herself, working and trying to learn new spells at night. The moon represents the eclipse she created, the wings the hope she is trying to spread, and the star is the wonder she wishes to complete.

Personality: Lunar is very quiet and is actually what you would call nocturnal. She rarely stays up during the day because she despises the sunlight. Not that she doesn't appreciate Celestia's work, Lunar just thinks it's too bright. While she seems like a cold and cruel pony, Lunar is actually very kind and clumsy once you get to know her. Being a little secretive, she likes to hide many things from others. She admires Luna and Twilight, looking to them for advice and as a role model.

Job (If they have one): She spends time helping Novel Shine at the library, being somewhat close friends with her. Lunar sometimes spends her free time, when not helping Novel Shine, trying to create new spells and a new kind of magic. Knowing she will never become an alicorn, Lunar hands the ideas to Princess Luna, to see if the magic was OK to use for her own use.

History: Born to some nobles in the Crystal Empire, Lunar Eclipse was expected to be generous, loyal, and smart. However, she was soon thought of as an outcast because of her lack of knowledge. Determined to prove her family wrong, she set out to Canterlot, where she learned more about magic from Twilight. Becoming Twilight's apprentice took her a little convincing, but soon she started to take daily lessons from her.

Her family, finding out where she has been, asks her to come back into the family. Lunar refused, because she said she found out why she could never take on the family business. She felt she wasn't fit for it. Twilight has continued to teach Lunar, though a little less over the years.

Lunar now helps run Twilight's former library with Novel Shine.
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PostSubject: Re: .:Unicorn - Lunar Eclipse:.   Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:00 pm

Accepted~ PM Novel about this, and I'll move it.
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.:Unicorn - Lunar Eclipse:.
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