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 Season 4 Finale {SPOILERS}

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Butterfly Bloom

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PostSubject: Season 4 Finale {SPOILERS}   Wed May 14, 2014 4:28 am

Eeeeeeeeeeek, anyone else seen it yet? 8D

It was absolutely amazing from the beginning with all the princesses singing, Terik, Scorpan, Discord, the Rainbow Powers, and everything! Except the library being destroyed... ^^"'''

And season 5 has already been confirmed! Oh, what kind of villain will top Terik? And, what about all those other mysteries with Star-Swirled, the Pony of Shadows, etc.?

Finally, who was best pony this two-parter? Q^Q I can't pick between Fluttershy and Rarity (besides the two tails, that was just weird).

Did anyone dislike it or something and why? > A < Gosh, I sound nosy, I'm sorry!

Ignore my strange behavior... First time actually trying a discussion on a forum without Lunar to help me out! (not that I've actually chatted on any other forums...) o v <

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Lunar Eclipse

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PostSubject: Re: Season 4 Finale {SPOILERS}   Wed May 14, 2014 1:07 pm

You sound hyper. This is why you don't go on my laptop while I'm asleep... *sigh*

I watched it with you, so you know my opinions, but, I'll just write them anyway to help start the discussion.

Personally, I liked the finale - liked, not loved. Terik was an amazing antagonist, but I think his goal was just silly. Though logical.

As for best pony, screw it. It's Coco. //brick'd

As for the Rainbow Powers, I personally preferred the version they created before the episode was released. The designs looked nicer than in my opinion, and none of that two tails business for Rarity.

And... Yeah, I think that's it for now? Badge/Novel has an idea for the Pony of Shadows, but I know nothing except that. Ehehe...
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Novel Shine
Novel Shine

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PostSubject: Re: Season 4 Finale {SPOILERS}   Thu May 15, 2014 5:05 pm

I loved the finale; it was awesome but I agree with Echo with the whole Rainbow Power things. That was the only thing that made me go 'ehhh.'

And like Echo said, I do have an idea for the Pony of Shadows, but it isn't anything grand. But I do hope that they do something with that/him, and please, Twilight was the best pony after that whole fight scene with Terik.

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PostSubject: Re: Season 4 Finale {SPOILERS}   

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Season 4 Finale {SPOILERS}
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