Welcome to the world of Equestria! Years have past since the Elements of Harmony have saved the world, and now it is time for new ponies to walk these paths.
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Novel Shine
Novel Shine

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PostSubject: Badger's Profile.   Badger's Profile. EmptySun May 11, 2014 10:02 am

Name: Avan
Gender: Stallion
Age: ???
Race: Alicorn
Personality: Avan is a very cheery pony on the outside. On the inside; he is a very upset and dark pony; knowing the hardship of live and the feeling of losing ponies close to you, he also knows how short life can be sometimes, and he will bring up this side of him if you ask the question questions toward him. He dislikes being treated like a prince (which he is), he wants to be like any other pony but he knows his blood keeps him from being that. Bitter toward Celestia for trapping Sol and Luna.
First Appearance: Past Memories
Parents: Tao and Mortis
Siblings: Monsoon, Aero, Gaia, and Blaze
Love Interest(s): Tuli.
Cutie Mark: A flower that is made of five seeds.
Notes: He wears a cloak to hide his wings.

Name: Novel Shine
Gender: Mare
Age: 20
Race: Unicorn
Personality: She is a friendly unicorn, but is shy sometimes. She loves to make people laugh when she can, but does enjoy the silences that her library brings her. She can also find herself day dreaming if she isn't careful, but mostly does it while she is at the library by herself.
First Appearance: N/A
Siblings: Trojan and Top Hat
Love Interest(s): N/A
Cutie Mark: An open book.
Notes: Left Canterlot two years prior to move to Ponyville.

Name: Burning Ash
Gender: Mare
Age: 25
Race: Pegasus/Bat Pony
Personality: Rather quiet, she is easily put in a bad mood if bothered. However, at times she can be rather sweet and a fun pony to get along with. She is easily annoyed at ponies pointing out her ears or eyes, and dislikes anypony calling her a half-blood or anything like that.
First Appearance: N/A
Parents: Rising Dusk (father) and Falling Comet (mother)
Siblings: None
Love Interest(s): N/A
Cutie Mark: A burning pile of ash.
Notes: Her armor casts an disguise over her that makes her look fully like a Bat Pony when worn.

Name: Chrysos/Crystal Shadow
Gender: Colt
Age: 9
Race: Changeling
Personality: N/A
First Appearance: N/A
Parents: Chrysalis and unnamed Changeling guard.
Siblings: Aurelia (half-sister)
Love Interest(s): N/A
Cutie Mark: N/A
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Badger's Profile.
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