Welcome to the world of Equestria! Years have past since the Elements of Harmony have saved the world, and now it is time for new ponies to walk these paths.
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 Creation template and rules

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Novel Shine
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PostSubject: Creation template and rules   Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:59 pm

Pony Template:
Non Pony Template*:

*Non Pony Template means for Griffins and Diamond Dogs

1. You can't RP as one of the ponies from the show.
2. Your name must make sense. You can't be a purple and black unicorn be be named Sunny Day.
3. Their Cutie Mark must make sense for their race. A Pegasus wouldn't have a farmer cutie mark, but a Earth Pony would.
4. If you wish to be a Allicorn or Changling, you must ask an Admin and have a very good reason for being so.
5. If you wish to be related to one of the Mane Six, or anypony from the show, you must ask an Admin
6. You can have up to five ponies, but please try not to abandon them.
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Creation template and rules
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